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on 22 Jun 2017 , by Maslow

3 Employee Misclassification Penalties You Don’t Want to Mess With

The use of independent contractors has increased exponentially over the last decade, with a..

on 18 May 2017 , by Maslow

What You Don’t Know About Insurance Could Cripple Your Production

So what do you do when your lead actor breaks her arm on set? Or your key grip falls on his..

on 26 Apr 2017 , by Maslow

Unique Lessons Learned from a One-of-a-Kind CEO

After working in production in NYC, Aspen, Co., and San Francisco, Linda Maslow moved to..

on 13 Mar 2017 , by Maslow

E-Recruitment Still Requires That Personal Touch

It should come as no surprise to job-hunters and headhunters, alike, that at the dawn of 2017, 21