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Are the daily administrative tasks beginning to overshadow the creative process?


How We Can Help

Our highly-trained staff is adept at navigating the many administrative, legal, and tax-related compliance issues associated with staffing and payroll in the media production industry. Our seasoned professionals are well-versed in the multimedia production industry understand your needs and apply their expertise to virtually any situation. 

Employer of Record 

We serve as the employer for tax purposes and handle all personnel functions, but your employees continue to work for you. Unlike our staffing services, we take full responsibility for employment, compliance and tax laws giving our clients peace of mind that their people are taken care of by qualified professionals.

Our clients are able to cost-effectively outsource necessary human resource functions. The time and money saved by doing this can be used to focus on your productions, invest more into your business, and increase your bottom line.

Media departments of Corporate Businesses, Government Agencies, Cable & Broadcast Networks, Creative Agencies & other Production Facilities can benefit from an extensive list of services, including:

  • Human Resource Management 
    • Recruiting
    • On-Boarding
    • Benefits Administration (when applicable)
  • Risk Management
    • Independent Contractor Compliance
    • Unemployement Claims
    • Drug Testing
    • Labor Law Requirements
    • State Employement Registration
  • Payroll Administraton
    • Garnishment Management
    • Tax Compliance
    • Withholding Laws
    • Direct Deposit
  • Workers Compensation
  • On-Site Staff Manager
  • Operations Management
    • Coordination of Duplication Services
    • Webcasting
    • Recruiting & Retention of Your Freelancers
    • Freelance & Contractor Management
    • Quality Control
  • Budget Management

Experience personalized customer service with your own Client Service Represenative

A Proven Track Record for More Than 25 Years

Clients that have shifted their routine operations management to Maslow Media Group regularly find that our services save money, reduce risk, and streamline critical operations. 

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