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Your Premier Integrated Workforce Solutions Company

Based in Rockville, Md., Maslow Media Group is your preferred partner for executive recruiting, staffing solutions, managed services, camera crews, and payroll services.

Since its inception in 1988, MMG has grown to become a respected integrated workforce solutions company and industry leader, while aiding Fortune 100 corporations, financial institutions, government agencies, and broadcasting and multimedia companies.


Video Production Services

Award-winning and fully-insured DPs, operators, audio engineers, field producers, gaffers, grips, and more, pre-vetted and available for projects worldwide.

Staffing and Executive Recruiting

Institutional knowledge paired with a global network of top talents from multiple industries can help your company grow and thrive.

Employer of Record Services

Prolific personnel functions reduce stress and paperwork for clients, and span administrative, legal, and tax-related compliance issues.

Managed Services

Outsourced solutions for HR, employee relations, staffing, recruiting, vendor management, system recommendations, and more.

How Can Our Integrated Workforce Solutions Company Help You?

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