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Success Stories Since 1988

We believe the true measure of our success lies in the satisfaction and achievements of our clients. Join us in celebrating their stories — each a testament to the partnerships we cherish and the results we achieve together.

A Legacy of Trust and Innovation

In our years of operation, we’ve had the privilege of working with a diverse range of clients, from scrappy startups to established industry legends. Each project has been a unique narrative of collaboration, innovation, and success.

From Visions to Facts

Our approach is rooted in understanding and adapting to our clients’ individual needs. Whether it’s crafting compelling corporate videos, managing multimedia projects, or providing comprehensive staffing solutions, we ensure that each client’s vision is realized to its fullest potential.

Consistent Quality — Exceptional Results

Quality is the cornerstone of everything we do at Maslow Media Group. Our clients consistently commend us for our high standards of production, attention to detail, and seamless execution in complex projects. It’s never enough for us to meet expectations; we strive to exceed them.

"Last week went super, super well! Cannot speak highly enough of Steve and Phil! Steve was BEYOND helpful."

MMG Client

"The shoot went wonderful – your team was excellent and all around the filming and the photoshoot was a success. It was a really hectic couple days and the day of was tiring, but they each were super collaborative and flexible and we accomplished a lot. Thank YOU for your tremendous support and help lining this whole thing up!"

Tim Finn
Director of Content Production
BoldSky Creative Studio

"I can NOT say THANK You enough for the amount of assistance you have given us since we have started working with you. UNPARALLELED help across the board. I know it is often very bombarding from our end and can be a bit chaotic. I MUST say you all NEVER miss a beat. THANK YOU!"

Harvey J. Austin
VP, Managing Director, Video & Art Production

"In my nearly two decades of executive experience, I’ve learned that clarity, drive, and a forward-thinking mindset are the cornerstones of successful leadership. As the CEO of Maslow Media Group since 2017, I’ve charted a path that has stretched from guiding a top workforce solutions firm to radically reimagining the realms of staffing and media."

Nick Tsahalis

"The footage turned out perfect! Crew did an excellent job of getting full coverage of the space and our subjects and even went the extra mile to get us low-res footage first so that all we had to do was drop the source footage into the timeline once it arrived. We owe MMG a huge shout-out - excellent work. MMG Production Managers quick-twitch crew sourcing was critical and worked over the weekend to ensure that we had the necessary resources to get the job done speaks to your diligence."

Beionny Mickles, Producer
AT&T Media Productions

"MMG played as big role in this one! This was the scene that you assembled the video and audio for. Really helped bring everything together. Outstanding work!” Video is an important part of our work product and MMG’s editors always does an outstanding job editing these types of projects. "

Jason Ouellette
ATF Fire Research Laboratory

"Just wanted to give you a big thanks for providing us an excellent webcast crew, and equipment this week. On our weekly call today, my client told me that her boss was very happy with how things went. We appreciate all the help from start to wrap! Thanks again for everything!"

Tayler Watts
National Capitol Contracting

"The MMG team was awesome! The work we’ve been able to produce from the content has been a great step in opening the conversation internally about content and video. Not something our business partners have historically been open to. Still a lot to do but a great first step! We will definitely keep you in mind as we do more of these types of opportunities!"

Hieu Tran
Product Owner-Digital Servicing at MetLife

"The team today was excellent. From my perspective everything went very well and I am very pleased. We’ve received nothing but compliments on how well the event went. I look forward to speaking next week to give you all a full debrief. Thanks again!"

Jennifer Lane
The Dept of Commerce

"The shoot went well and we had a very positive experience with MMG. Our local contact in Orlando only had good things to say about the crew. The crew gave a really good first impression – looking forward to working with them on potential future productions."

Brandon Hill

"My producer team has had wonderful success with Maslow’s freelance placement service during the past month. Your team has provided great resources at reasonable rates and really helped me out of a jam this past week. I am so pleased we connected with Maslow and look forward to our continued partnership."

Carol A. Pustorino
Director, Video Communications Liberty Mutual Insurance

Why Partner with Maslow Media Group?

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Needs

Each client is unique, and so are the options we provide. Our services include talent acquisition for both temporary and strategic long-term roles, as well as employer of record (EOR) and managed services. We implement effective performance management systems; develop strategies to foster employee engagement; and ensure a safe, compliant work environment through risk management. In short, we’re your tailored, holistic solution for workforce management, allowing you to focus on your core business objectives.

Your Success Is Our Priority

We view our client relationships as partnerships. This means growing together, understanding the evolving landscapes of media, workforce management, and communication. It also means adapting strategies for continued success. Our clients’ growth and achievements are as important to us as our own, and we’re deeply invested in developing both.

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