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Maslow Media Group can serve as your company’s employer of record for tax purposes, handling all expenses, insurance, and compliance with employment law that goes along with contingent workforce management.

Leave onboarding and offboarding of your contingent staffing needs to Maslow Media with our employer of record services.

Our contingent workforce management team ensures adherence to all IRS guidelines regarding W2 payroll and 1099 labor, and our thorough knowledge of all laws and regulations – including ACA, mandated sick leave, and more – provides a compliance safety net for our clients and increased peace of mind.

Leave Compliance to Our Employer of Record Services

As an Employer of Record, Maslow Media Group is adept at navigating the many administrative, legal, and tax-related compliance issues associated with staffing and payroll in any industry.

Allow us to handle your:

  • Classification of W2s and 1099s
  • Nationwide payrolling
  • State/city mandated sick leave tracking
  • ACA compliance
  • Benefit Plan Administration (Medical, Dental, Vision, Short-term Disability, Supplemental Life Insurance, etc)
  • Retirement Plan
  • Workers’ Compensation claim management
  • Direct Deposit
  • Expense, equipment, and per diem payments
  • End of Year reporting
  • Customized billing and accounting reports
  • And more!

A New Way of Working

Outsource your payroll functions, invest the money you save into your business, and increase your bottom line with Maslow Media Group Employer of Record services.

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