Outsourced Management and Contingent Workforce Program

Your team will be fully supported by a dedicated Maslow Media Client Services Representative, who can pinpoint all necessary resources to support your company and its needs for outsourced management and group management.

MMG’s group management services provide ongoing internal training to our managed teams, keeping them abreast of industry trends and the latest digital technology. They are treated as part of our corporate staff and receive similar benefits. We also provide annual performance reviews to develop, mentor, and encourage our staff to do their best work.

Additional Client Benefits

Clients who have outsourced management operations to MMG have discovered our group management services save money, reduce risk, and streamline critical processes.

MMG specializes in:

  • Recruiting/Staffing
  • Background Checks/Drug Testing
  • On-Boarding
  • Benefits Administration (where applicable)
  • Workers Compensation Claim Management
  • Employee Relations
  • Vendor Management
  • Labor Law Requirements
  • State Employment Registration
  • And much more!

Additionally, you will receive a semi-annual report covering production capacity, workload, and accomplishments.

As an outsourced management and staffing provider, Maslow Media Group can identify the precise areas in need of development within your company. We then utilize the full strength of our corporate office to support those needs.

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