Consider this: every second an office position remains unfilled – your company hemorrhages money.

Every time a new hire is brought onboard – only to spin aimlessly in a desk chair and borrow a pen or two before leaving two weeks later – your company sheds sustaining funds.

But recruiting top candidates can be a challenge, as skills are in high demand and hopefuls are influenced in equal parts by social awareness and social media.  And keeping an eye on your bottom line is more critical than ever in today’s challenging and intricate economy.

Here are just 3 ways that an outsourced recruiting firm can help:

  1. Quality control – A professional recruiter knows the ins and outs of the trade and is adept at attracting only the most exemplary candidates. Not only that, but recruiters handle the sourcing of prospects and resumes, conduct interviews, spearhead negotiations, and launch the on-boarding process, drastically reducing your time-to-hire and – most importantly – your cost-to-hire. This ultimately means better, more reputable employees for your company, which helps to eliminate turnover and endlessly open positions.
  2. Increased savings. Speaking of turnover, if a revolving door of employees is a continuous – and costly – problem faced by your business, clearly there’s a kink of some sort in your hiring process. Outsourced recruiting can streamline your recruitment efforts, while doing away with headhunter fees, and keeping your expenses in line.
  3. Added efficiency. Keep in mind, outsourced recruiting is not meant to replace your staff. Quite the opposite. A professional recruiting team will work with your current staff and recruiting department, helping to improve productivity and allowing your staff to focus more fully on the mission at hand. And consider this: When a downturn occurs, your need for recruiting staff may plummet unexpectedly – requiring internal cuts. Conversely, during an economic upswing or expansion into another market, your company may experience a sudden need for additional personnel. When outsourcing, the recruiter accepts this burden, ensuring that you are never short-staffed or saddled with employees that you don’t need.

Maslow Media Group can be your comprehensive outsourced recruiting resource. Not only do we draw from an extensive global network of talent, but we also offer the resources and the institutional knowledge to find the ideal candidate who can grow and lead your team.

As part of our staffing process, we will:

  • Interview and screen candidates thoroughly
  • Process background and reference checks
  • Negotiate compensation packages
  • Monitor new hire performance

Contact MMG today to discover how we can fill every requirement of your staffing needs.