Nationwide, employers are finding it nigh impossible to attract the right talent for their companies. With unemployment at an all-time low, approximately three quarters of employers say that enlisting relevant candidates is a tremendous struggle.

If this describes your company, professional recruiters can be your solution. Thanks to a unique set of skills allowing them to cut through the clutter, they are able to attract top talents and place ideal candidates into jobs where they can thrive.

 Here are just four ways they do it:

  1. They get to know their candidates: Getting to know the people and the personalities behind the resumes is really what drives the recruitment engine. Professional recruiters who excel at their job are adept at discovering the backstories of the candidates they interact with on a daily basis, and filing them away for another day. This unique approachability ultimately leads to the creation of a trusted network of loyal connections, which leads to quality placements later on down the road.
  1. They pound the pavement: Professional recruiters are constantly active. They’re continuously seeking the right fit for the right job via client calls, visits, and interviews at an almost nonstop clip, while maintaining the highest standards of quality (i.e. no monotonous and obnoxious cold calls).
  1. They dig deeper: Business owners and hiring managers understand that a polished resume and educational background are not the end-all, be-all of a qualified candidate. But time pressures often make anything beyond a superficial review in-house unlikely. Outsourced professional recruiters, on the other hand, can dedicate the time and effort necessary to conduct a deep dive into a hopeful’s personality and prior accomplishments, while still ticking the primary boxes.
  1. They think ahead: Professional recruiters stay abreast of future hiring needs for their clients’ companies, whether from upcoming retirements or expanding departments. This allows them to maneuver qualified candidates from their talent pool into newly vacated roles. They also focus on the needs of the job, rather than an estimated skillset. Recruiters understand that candidates with similar, if not on-the-nose training can often shine in a role – even if they do not adhere to every single criterion outlined on paper.

Recruiters also stay on top of new technologies and software that complement their talents, while making the most out of their social media presence. They regularly communicate using tools such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, and keep tabs on talented hopefuls and passive candidates without being salesy or obtrusive.

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