Video webcasting, referred to as “live streaming” in many circles, is essentially an online broadcast of a live event that is simultaneously recorded for future reference or use by consumers.

Thanks to higher Internet speeds and advances in tech over the last decade, live streaming has swiftly become the mainstream. Today, laymen enjoy high definition video capabilities at their fingertips for a mere fraction of the costs that full-fledged studios would have shelled out only 20 years ago. That being said, video webcasting should not be considered a slapdash affair. Lighting, camera work, sound design – all are crucial to a webcast’s success, requiring the proper equipment, and, ideally, a professional talent at the helm.

Video webcasts offer a perfect medium for corporate meetings, performances, product announcements or demonstrations, live training, educational seminars, and much more.

Are you actively webcasting as part of your business model? If not, here are four great reasons to hit record:

  • Convenience – The on-demand nature of video webcasting means that recordings can be viewed at a client’s leisure, whether in the privacy of their home, at the office, or during a long commute on the metro.
  • A wider reach – Video webcasts are in no way hindered by geographical location. Audience members, employees, and CEOs – anyone can be reached remotely, regardless of whether they’re across the street, or across the country. Similarly, those presenting the webcast can do so from anywhere in the world.
  • Cost savings – Because your audience does not have to be physically present to experience your message, travel, lodging, and fuel costs are all but eliminated (which also reduces your company’s environmental footprint). For these reasons, video webcasting also provides employees with more time to focus on their daily responsibilities, ultimately fostering a better workflow and increased revenue.
  • Greater interaction – Many webcasts not only allow, but encourage audience members to become active participants, engaging via social media, online Q&A’s, and more. Web conferencing tools even allow hosts to track audience participation.

But beware: many fly-by-night companies claim they can deliver high-quality live streaming results. Be sure to check their credentials. Professional production companies should specialize in multi-camera, broadcast-quality live streaming events, with onsite and remote support, and seamless delivery to your platform of choice.

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