To paraphrase cinematic luminaries Orson Welles, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Diane Lane: movies are “made” in the editing room.

Filmmaking is a team sport, of course – the sum total of the contributions from directors, producers, actors, designers, decorators, and more. But the success or failure of a film or video production ultimately rests with the editor. He or she is responsible for shaping the footage, sound, score, and story to create a cohesive experience.

Professional video editors are not only tradespeople – they must be master storytellers, organizational wizards, and savvy problem solvers.

The notion of “fixing it in post” has become somewhat of a running joke throughout the industry. But it’s also incredibly accurate. Flubs, errors, and mistakes that occur during production can be cut and trimmed in the editing bay by a professional video editor and discarded on the proverbial cutting room floor as though they never even existed.

Because of technology, video editing is no longer exclusive to industry professionals. Any novice with an iPhone and a few minutes to kill can manipulate video clips for use on social media and YouTube.

Because of the complex nature of the medium, however, the need for a professional video editor has never been more crucial. Here are just three reasons why hiring a specialist is suggested if you’re serious about your end result:

  • Experience and talent: Editing is about timing. A professional video editor is responsible for a project’s flow and pace, created using a combination of deftly managed cuts, transitions, sounds, and more. The mechanics of timing can be learned, to a degree – but in many cases it is also an instinctual gift, honed and perfected throughout years of practice. Editing also requires mastery of state-of-the-art digital technology, as well as thorough knowledge of the most current editing suites. Color correction, sound mixing, special effects, and more are all part of the job – and only perfected via on-the-job experience.
  • Collaboration: Professional video editors must be able to interact with other creatives and departments, from the director to the sound designer, and more, in order to facilitate the best possible result for the client. This requires professionalism, tact, and clarity.
  • The human touch: Video editing suites can achieve quite a bit in an automated fashion, but only a professional video editor will be able to infuse your product with a distinct and undeniable human quality. There are elements such as comic timing, or subtle grace notes that a machine will simply never be able to replicate or master.

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