Competition for talent is increasing worldwide. The pandemic did not change that.

And while the employment climate has no doubt been drastically altered over the last eight months, putting recruitment on the backburner may turn out to be an egregious misstep.

Partnering with an outsourced recruitment agency can provide your company with those coveted skills your company depends upon.

As the economy continues to reopen, and the world adapts and transitions to a temporarily new way of working, seeking guidance from an outsourced recruiter may prove essential to bolstering your global workforce once the economy roars back to life.

The important thing is not to delay processes or put off hiring until positive changes begin to accumulate. When “this too” ultimately does pass, time will be of the essence for hiring parties.

For companies desiring to hire international workers, collaborating with an employer of record may be incredibly beneficial. Such organizations take care of all of the minutiae for you – from payroll to taxes to benefits and beyond. This ultimately allows a company to onboard new employees at a more rapid pace, barring any delays associated with post-pandemic rules.

When you outsource recruiting efforts, you give your business a fighting edge and allow your team to:

  • Draw from a more extensive network of candidates
  • Achieve greater access to on-demand talent
  • Relieve your in-house legal and HR teams of the burden of learning and complying with international employment law
  • Provide a financial boost to local economies
  • Realize mission critical goals at a faster pace
  • Meticulously navigate important details involving licenses, severance, commission, and more – mitigating your risk of non-compliance.

Maslow Media Group is an experienced outsourced recruiting team that works with a global network of industry professionals. As a leading provider of multimedia and video production services, MMG regularly provides broadcasters around the world with exceptional camera crews, creative talent, technical specialists, and so much more.

Most importantly, when you outsource recruiting efforts to our team, we handle the process from beginning to end.

  • Interviewing and screening candidates
  • Processing background & reference checks
  • Negotiating compensation packages
  • Monitoring performance