While the initial scrambling for personnel may have passed, the after-effects of The Great Resignation are still being felt – and are expected to continue for quite some time. Recovery will happen, but placement will continue to be an uphill battle in many ways throughout 2022.

Today’s job candidates have a unique sort of clout, resulting from “work from anywhere” shifts in practice and virtual, well, everything becoming the predominant way of doing business.

Demand and subsequent competition for high-quality talent will continue to soar, making outsourced recruiting efforts and talent acquisition critical components to a business’s overall gameplan.

Businesses of all kinds will be looking to secure prolific supply chains that can feed open positions and job vacancies in an efficient and expedited manner. But it’s a new world. More and more workers are seeking a sense of purpose in addition to payment, and more flexibility in addition to 401Ks. Hiring parties must address these issues head-on. Increasing your company’s outsourced recruiting efforts is a phenomenal way to go about it.

Here’s are three great reasons why:

1. Profitability. Now is not the time to waste precious funds. Outsourced recruiting efforts conducted by industry professionals can eliminate headhunter fees, streamline practices, and keep money where it is needed most – working within your company.

  1. Productivity: Regardless of whether you are recovering from a mass exodus of employees or experiencing an overabundance of qualified personnel – efficiency matters every moment of every workday. That’s why outsourced recruiters work closely with your in-house Human Resources team and hiring staff. This frees up resources, allowing your on-site staff to focus on big-picture problems and issues. Scalability also improves. During downturns, your needs for staff may be non-existent and even necessitate personnel cuts, whereas expansions into new markets may result in a sudden demand for more bodies in more chairs. Outsourced recruiting efforts make certain that you have the people you need when you need them, eliminating shortfalls and surpluses.
  1. Professionalism: Your outsourced recruiter will handle it all – from sourcing prospects and processing resumes, to conducting interviews, negotiating terms, and initiating the onboarding process. The benefit? Your cost-to-hire is reduced as the quality of your team continues to improve.

Entrust your staffing needs to Maslow Media Group. We regularly help businesses locate and hire the perfect candidates for their growing teams. With Maslow on your side, you can tap into an extensive global network of talent, and rest assured that our professionals will take care of the day-to-day minutiae:

  • * Screenings
  • * Background and reference checks
  • * Performance monitoring
  • * And more

Contact us today to learn more about our outsourced recruiting efforts and to set up a consultation.