There’s been much discussion recently about Artificial Intelligence and the sea of change it is expected to bring in how Human Resources departments and outsourced workforce management firms operate throughout the globe.

Up until now, AI’s role within HR departments has involved the automation of repetitive tasks to both boost a company’s efficiency and reduce costs.

In the near future, AI will revolutionize HR departments and have considerable impact the following three areas:

  • Talent acquisition: Programmed without biases, AI can eliminate stereotypes or profiling made by hiring managers. AI would be able to craft interview questions based upon an applicant’s work history and focus solely on his or her qualifications.  This would create a profile of the candidate based upon the needs of the company.
  • Onboarding: AI will be integral to the onboarding of new employees. Chatbots could be used to field the litany of questions new employees have about paid time off, holidays observed, and much more. This will help new talent hit the ground running almost immediately, while freeing up crucial resources for more mission critical tasks.
  • Employee evaluations: AI can be used to comb through extensive amounts of data in a snap – from resumes to social media accounts, employee evaluations to risk analysis – eliminating human error and saving companies time and unnecessary effort.

AI could never replace a human outsourced workforce management team.  Heart and soul will always be at the forefront of any successful company partnership. It’s an exciting time to explore how AI will integrate with HR practices and grow the organization.

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