The pandemic served as a catalyst for a number of new video trends and technological advancements in 2021 as necessity spurred manufacturers, producers, and creators to take bold action.

  • Over-the-top streaming continues to soar: Streaming, itself, is not a new endeavor. It took root a while back (after “House of Cards” changed the game and at least three seasons of “Stranger Things” ago) influencing the way society receives its information, entertainment, sports coverage, weather, and so much more. But it has become a global creative force to be reckoned, and based on emerging trends, shows no signs of stopping – particularly in light of 5G, which will deliver speeds approximately 100 times faster than today’s best 4G LTE networks. Over-the-top platforms like Apple TV and Roku, as well as Smart TVs, have replaced the traditional television in many American homes, and most traditional networks are scrambling to develop their own streaming apps to be a part of the conversation and reach broader audiences. New services are announced daily, it seems, which ultimately means new outlets in need of new coverage and creators.
  • 24-hour news service makes headlines: In tandem with OTT streaming, the world has become accustomed to having the latest information available at their fingertips, every second of the day, wherever they happen to be accessing it. This means the shelf life for news content is increasingly short, making perpetual updates necessary in order to stay relevant in a society that is “on” 24 hours a day. Cutting edge apps and videos are increasingly critical tools for broadcasters who need to reach diverse, dynamic audiences who carry the equivalent of a supercomputer in their pockets. To that end, work-from-home studios have risen to the fore, with seasoned journalists posting news stories via TikTok and other social media outlets, producing content from their own residences.
  • Virtual production opens doorways to cinematic worlds post-COVID: Hollywood screeched to a halt in March 2020, as social distancing measures were implemented nationwide. Virtual production, while costly, is now helping productions get back up and running in the short term, by allowing visual effects artists to create a film’s digital landscape, while various production teams working remotely from each other matching live action footage with virtual backdrops, characters, and more.

Emerging new video trends like these may, in fact, provide greater opportunities for burgeoning journalists and television personalities to make their mark while shedding light on stories that may have otherwise not seen the light of day.

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