Hungry job seekers are turning to social media outlets such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter – and even Instagram – with increasing frequency in 2018. That makes social media recruiting more critical for companies just like yours.

Not only do hopefuls use social media to get a sense of what your business is like prior to clicking “apply,” but routine interaction and engagement between parties can help to ensure the candidate you choose is a proper fit prior to that first interview.

What’s more, passive candidates – those professionals who are not actively campaigning for a job, but could possibly be convinced otherwise – continue to leverage social media on a regular basis. By many accounts, this group comprises a staggering 75% of the American workforce. The takeaway? Social media recruiting can help you lay the groundwork for the time when these professionals renew their search. And some, even if not currently on the market, could be prompted to apply for your position based solely on your social media presence. So make sure it’s a good one.

The best part? Social media recruiting lowers your overhead, because setting up most accounts is absolutely free. So why wait? Check out the following tips to creating a structured social media effort:

  • Consider creating a separate account for recruiting. This allows your company to directly promote job openings, while gathering new followers as you share posts between your recruitment and primary company accounts. You will want to make certain your recruiting brand is at once strong and consistent across all platforms. And know the difference between your options. Facebook, for instance, offers expanded opportunities to engage your audience and answer their questions, while Twitter provides the broadest reach. That being said…
  • LinkedIn is a given. Designed with the hiring process in mind, LinkedIn has always been a leader in the recruitment field, thanks to its focus on professionals and streamlined access to resumes, recommendations, and more. Last year, the site topped out at 530 million members thanks to a shift in focus to content curation. Use this to attract new talent.
  • Target your dream candidates where they congregate. Build your talent pool by following relevant social media accounts. Be active on the sites where the professionals you need spend the majority of their time. Developers, for example, tend to gather at GitHub, while ActiveRain is a platform aimed at real estate agents.
  • Put your current employees to work. The team members already under your employ are phenomenal brand ambassadors and a great source of referrals. They are the face of your company, and your strongest asset. Encourage them to share job openings on their social media accounts, as well as company news that could drum up interest with their friends and followers.

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