It should come as no surprise to job-hunters and headhunters, alike, that at the dawn of 2017, 21st century recruiting has become nearly 100 percent digital.

Things have come a long, long way since the infancy of e-recruitment systems, when resumes were released to the wilds of the Internet in hopes of finding a forever home.

Recruitment today involves the entirety of one’s digital footprint, placing every conceivable signifier – from CVs to Facebook posts to Twitter feeds – at an employer’s perusal. More and more interviews are taking place via video, instead of in-person. Even video gaming has begun to play a substantial role, with “gamification” being used to gather analytics based on a candidate’s instinctual responses during game play.

And the process is most certainly a two-way street as prospects, too, are looking for an expedited application process that simplifies their search.

As a full-service staffing agency, the Maslow Media Group team believes the primary purpose of recruiting is to find the best-qualified individuals for the job. That means rolling up one’s sleeves. That means involvement.

What truly sets Maslow Media Group apart, however, is its extensive network of engaged and active freelancers, all of whom are looking for full time placement or long term assignments. Our team prides itself in the speed and quality of our placements – our staffing department recently placed an Executive Producer in a matter of weeks – and the technological infrastructure we have fostered supports these efforts.

Since 1988, MMG has made strides to keep current in matters ranging from HR and compliance to technological advances in the industry. The implementation of a cloud based platform has significantly streamlined our recruiting, onboarding, and time and attendance needs.

Most recently we launched a new website that provides comprehensive access to blogs, newsletters, and an employee portal, where team members and freelancers can download important forms, applications, and more.  Additionally, professionals looking for assistance in finding new opportunities can submit their resume and qualifications to our website for review.

Ultimately, an e-recruiting system can be an effective and invaluable tool, but long-term success will always hinge on the support of engaged professionals at the helm, or – to put things in industry parlance – behind the scenes.

Maslow Media Group’s global network of production professionals can fill any and every staffing requirement your production may need. Our process includes:

  • Recruiting production professionals and crew
  • Interviewing and screening employees
  • Monitoring performance
  • Providing and managing HR and benefits
  • And more!

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